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"The Last Words of Jesus" - Charlie Loften


What is this series about?

The last words of a person are very telling of who a person is or was. Over the course of this series, we will be examining seven statements that Jesus made before his death. Through this examination we hope to learn more on this Jesus we follow. At His most vulnerable, we can really ask: Who was He? Why do I follow Him?

This week as we examine the last words of Jesus, we want to ask: What would it look like for us to have an authentic emotional relationship with God?

Big Idea: Jesus, too, wrestled with God's plan.

  • Scripture Reference: Matthew 27:45
  • "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?"
  • Jesus was aware of God's plan, he was neither confused or objected to the plan, he simply emotionally expressed that he did not want to do this.

What does this mean for us?

  • Most of us want to live a life that belongs to us alone, when in truth our lives belong to God.
  • You are constantly being asked to give up control of your life or the concept of the life you want.
  • If we are honest with ourselves, we are all wrestling with God's plan for us.
  • Some of us struggle with simple obedience
  • Some of us are in situations where we feel like we are doing everything right, but we are still in a place that we do not want to be.
  • Some of us are still in place where we are struggling to accept Jesus

Big Idea 2: Despite wrestling with God's plan, Jesus fully trusted Him.

  • Scripture Reference: Luke 23:44-49
  • "Father into your hands, I commit my Spirit."
  • With full trust, even though he had felt anxious and was wrestling with God's plan, he fully trusted that ultimately, God was good.
  • God is good and is working good in your life. We need to do two things
  • Put whatever it is we are wrestling with out there. Let God know where you are struggling.
  • Daily surrender your life and move from wrestle to trust in God.

“It is time to move from wrestle to trust. Surrender is a daily process. I will trust in a good God who will take care of me. I will trust in a good God whose plan is better than mine. I have to trust that God has the best interest in my life”